Solar Panel Addendum

As solar panels have become more popular in the sunshine state, the complexities of selling a home with solar panels and loans have increased. This Solar Panel Addendum allows the seller to disclose information about the solar system, the loan, and contains contract terms for the buyer and seller.

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Statement of No Seller’s Disclosure

What do you do when the seller won’t provide a Seller’s Real Property Disclosure? We recommend using this form. If the seller on your listing refuses to complete a Seller’s Disclosure, have them complete this form. If you represent a buyer and the seller won’t provide a disclosure, have your

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Cash Buyer Disclosure

Florida Realtors does not provide a disclosure for cash buyers informing them that their opportunity to get an appraisal, survey, or property insurance for their sale. The buyer may also want to add contingencies to their offer after considering this disclosure, so this disclosure should be presenting before writing an

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Repair Addendum (for the FARBAR “As-Is” Contract)

Despite the fact a Contract for Sale and Purchase may be “As-Is” and without repairs, it’s a common occurence that repairs are negotiated on an “As-Is” Contract after inspection.    The FAR/BAR “AS IS” Residential Contract For Sale And Purchase does not contain language regarding repairs. That’s why we created this

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Additional Contract Terms Addendum

We’ve created a form that covers many addendums needed by real estate agents when using FARBAR contracts. Rather than typing a new addendum every time, you can use this addendum for common contract addendum terms.

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